We will be releasing 1 new video just about every month, so please check back! The written instructions for each recipe can be found at the end of each video.


September's recipe is my favourite: Apple Galette. ENJOY!


October's Recipe is now available; simple Banana Muffins.  You can also make these into a small loaf, instead of muffins.  Just increase the baking time to 30-45 minutes (CHECK AFTER 30 :) ).


November's recipe is a wonderful Glazed Lemon Pound Cake using our super-finely ground almond flour.  This is one of my family's favourites! Enjoy


JANUARY: Happy New Year.  We are starting the New Year off with my favourite cracker recipe.  ENJOY!


FEBRUARY:  We've been getting lots of requests for a recipe using our organic Coconut Flour.  This is our favourite!


APRIL:  With Mother's Day around the corner, keep this recipe in mind for a perfect breakfast in bed for your amazing mom!