Always delicious... Always gluten-free

 Welcome to JK Gourmet! We make delicious healthy, grain-free and gluten-free products including Almond flour, Granola, Granola bars, Biscotti and Baking Mixes. Our product offerings are sweetened with a touch of honey or coconut nectar and are packed with healthy nuts and seeds.


Anyone who is looking to live their life on the go, while still eliminating grains or gluten from their lives will enjoy our snack ready Granola Bars! These delectable morsels are individually packaged and full of nuts, seeds and fruit! Grain free baking is a breeze with our Almond flour or Baking mixes. Your family will enjoy their favourite desserts while not consuming grains or gluten. Friends stopping in for a tea and a chat will enjoy nibbling on JK Gourmet's famous Grain and Gluten free Biscotti! Our original recipe creations are an indulgently delicious way to increase your intake of whole, natural foods, while still having a grain free and gluten free diet!